Setup Ropsten on MetaMask
To interact with the Creaticles testnet, you must use the Ropsten Test Network. That's where the Creaticles testnet exists. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to connect MetaMask to Ropsten.
First, go into your MetaMask extension.
Once inside, click on the top button with a down-arrow that should say Ethereum Mainnet.
After clicking on it, you should see a few options drop down. Select Ropsten Test Network.
If you see that, you have set up MetaMask to function on Ropsten! What you may notice is that on Ropsten Test Network, your ETH funds is 0, but if you have a funded Ethereum Mainnet account, the ETH may show a different amount. This is because on Ropsten Test Network, you need to get Ropsten Testnet ETH, which is different from Mainnet ETH. We'll show you how to get that in the next step.
Last modified 2mo ago
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