Wallet Setup

A guide to setting up the MetaMask wallet, which is used to connect to the Creaticles Application to interact as either a requester or artist.

If you already have MetaMask installed with a wallet address, you can skip this part.

Download MetaMask

MetaMask is an application that can hold your cryptocurrencies (not all cryptocurrencies, just ERC20 tokens but for the sake of this tutorial you don't need to know what that means). Currently, MetaMask works as an extension on Chrome, FireFox, Brave, or Edge. You can download MetaMask by visiting its official download page.

New or Existing Seed Phrase

The seed phrase is a combination of 12 random words that are used as a recovery tool. In the event that you ever lose your wallet access, you can download MetaMask again, click on the "Import Wallet" option, paste in the 12 random words, and get your wallet back.

If this is your first time setting up an Ethereum wallet, you will not have a seed phrase, so follow these steps:

  1. Click Create a Wallet

  2. Create a password for your wallet and click Create

  3. You will receive your 12-word seed backup phrase. Store this somewhere safe--remember that anyone who has access to it, including potential hackers, will be able to get your wallet and all of your crypto in that wallet. Click Next

  4. Finally, you're all done. Congratulations, you've set up your MetaMask wallet!

After you download your extension or app, please

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