Submitting NFTs to Requests

Once an artist designs a piece of NFT art for a Request, they can submit it to the request directly. To do this, first click on the proposal to get into the specific details. From there, click on the Submit Proposal button.

After clicking on the Submit Proposals button, you'll see a new screen that comes up (see below).

In this screen, use the opportunity to provide a descriptive title and description.



Upload an Image

This is where you upload your NFT media; you can choose the file from your local computer.


Add in a descriptive, eye-catching title to your NFT


Use this space to get specific about your NFT. Get into the story, inspiration, and other aspects that make your NFT submission unique, special, and the perfect match for the request!

After you complete your information, just hit the Submit button. A MetaMask prompt should appear, which will mint your NFT. Congratulations, you minted and submitted your NFT to a request on Creaticles!

When submitting an NFT to a request on Creaticles, you may see two MetaMask transactions; this is expected. The first transaction will mint the NFT, while the second contract will move the NFT into the request.

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