Submitting Requests for NFTs

This section will demonstrate how to create a request for a custom NFT.

A requester can request a custom NFT by going to the Requests page on Creaticles (the link to the Requests page is located at the top of the application).

On the Requests page, click on Create Request to start the process of generating a new request.

In the Create Request page, you will see various options to fill out. To get the best proposals, please be as specific as possible when filling out the text boxes such as Title and Description. More information about these boxes can be found in the table below.




A descriptive title that summarizes what you're looking for as a custom NFT


A detailed description about the custom NFT you're looking for. The more details you can give, the better. Please include information such as dimensions, image formats (e.g., PNG or GIF), styles that you like (links to styles can be included), etc.


The amount of ETH you will reward to EACH winner (e.g., if you say 0.1 ETH and select 3 winners, then each winner receives 0.1 ETH for a total of 0.3 ETH spent by you).

Number of Winners

Choose the number of winners you will be selecting. Note: the number of winners you select determines the deposit amount you will be making to initiate this request. Also, the amount that each winner will receive will not change from the initial reward amount you inputted in the previous box. For example, if you selected 4 winners of 0.1 ETH each as the Number of Winners, but only end up selecting 3 winners, each of the 3 winners will still only receive 0.1 ETH.

Cost Estimate

As you fill out Reward and Number of Winners, the cost estimate for your request will be automatically generated.

Select Contest Deadline

Select the duration that your request will run. Requests cannot be open forever. After your request expires, artists will no longer be able to submit to the request.

Add Tags

Select the relevant tags for your request. By doing this, you are able to help artists filter for their specialties, which helps you source the right talent for your NFTs.

Once you fill out all the details, you can hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page. This will prompt a MetaMask transaction to open up. The transaction will take the total cost of your request and place it in a smart contract. By doing this, you are committing to paying out the winner.

Once you confirm your transaction on MetaMask, the transaction will go through a few confirmations. Once the on-chain confirmations are completed, your request will be live and viewable in the Requests section of the application. Now, artists can view it and submit their art as a proposal to your request.

Congratulations! By now, you should have been able to create your first NFT request!

For more details on how to select a winner, please see Selecting a Winner.

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