Version 0.1 - Testnet (Updated 09-12-2021)

Welcome to the Creaticles documentation page! Here, you'll find all the necessary information to help you get started with running either a request on Creaticles or submitting an NFT proposal on Creaticles.

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Testnet Setup

This section gets your MetaMask wallet set up to start interacting with Creaticles. If you already have a MetaMask wallet, you can skip the section on Wallet Setup. The next section, Getting Started on Testnet, helps you: 1) configure MetaMask to connect to Ropsten Test Network, which is the network that Creaticles lives on in testnet, and 2) get some testnet ETH, which is used to interact on Creaticles by paying gas fees and giving testnet rewards for winners of proposals.

Using Creaticles

This section gets into the fun part -- actually using Creaticles.


If you have any questions, visiting the FAQs should be the first place you start. This section should answer most of your questions. If you continue to have questions after reviewing the FAQs, check out our Support Channels to find a community or team member who can assist you with a more specific question.

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