Getting Started on Testnet
Creaticles Test Net is on Ropsten Network, and requires some tiny setup before a user can begin to play with it.
Before you do this, first make sure that you have MetaMask installed and have a wallet address. If you need help doing this, refer to our previous step, Wallet Setup


Currently, Creaticles is running on the Ropsten testnet. The Ropsten testnet is one of a few different test networks for Ethereum. The purpose of a testnet is to provide a safe environment for new decentralized applications to test their apps with real users. In a testnet, no real crypto is exchanged, so no real crypto can be lost if something goes wrong. To interact in a testnet, though, you'll need some testnet Ethereum. We'll show you how to setup Ropsten Testnet on your MetaMask wallet, as well as get some testnet Ethereum.
Last modified 1mo ago
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