Adding Testnet ETH to Your Ropsten Address
To interact with Creaticles as a requester or artist, you must first fund your testnet address with testnet ETH. We'll show you how to do that here.

Locate a Ropsten Faucet

A faucet is a website that can send you some testnet ETH to your wallet address. We've listed a few faucets below, or you can use another one that you find. Make sure that the faucet you use is for Ropsten Test Network; otherwise, the ETH will not make it into your Ropsten Test Network wallet.
Some options for faucets:
Regardless of which faucet you choose, your next step is to give the faucet your wallet address.

Copy Your Wallet Address

To locate your wallet address, go back to your MetaMask extension. Near the top, you should see your wallet's name (make sure you're on Ropsten Test Network):
If you hover over the name, a prompt that says Copy to Clipboard should appear. When you see it, just left-click and the text should change to Copied! This indicates that you have copied your wallet address

Paste the Copied Address Into the Faucet Website

Pretty self-explanatory. Just paste it in.

Click on Send Testnet Eth

The button prompt may not be exactly that same wording depending on the application you're using, but the idea is the same. Just click on the button that lets you get testnet ETH. You should get a response from the web application; for example, "added to queue."
Faucets can be a bit slow, so now you'll have to do a bit of waiting. You should be receiving your testnet Ethereum within the next ten minutes.
During this time, you should not try to resend the testnet ETH from the same faucet, because many faucets have limits on the amount of testnet ETH you can claim per day.
Last modified 2mo ago